Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik

Penguins and Polar Bears: A Hybrid Representational and Reasoning Approach for Common Sense Categorization

13 september 2016 10:15 T131, Teknikhuset

The research centre AASS arranges a seminar with Antonio Lieto, University of Turin, Italy.


"In this talk I will present the rationale adopted for the design and development of Dual PECCS, a cognitively inspired knowledge representation and reasoning system employed  in conceptual categorization tasks. The system combines different sorts of common-sense categorizations (prototypical and exemplars-based categorization) with standard monotonic categorization procedures.

These different types of inferential procedures are reconciled according to the tenets coming from the dual process theory of reasoning. The system has been evaluated in a task of conceptual categorization where a target concept illustrated by a simple common-sense linguistic description had to be identified by resorting to a mix of strategies, and its output has been compared to human responses. The obtained results suggest that our approach can be beneficial to improve the representational and reasoning conceptual capabilities of standard cognitive artificial systems, and - in addition - that it may be plausibly applied to different general computational models of cognition".