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AASS Seminar - MINDS. MEDIA. MOVING IMAGES - On the Confluence of AI, Cognitive Science, and HCI for the Design of Human-Centred Assistive Technologies

14 september 2017 13:00 T207, Teknikhuset.

The research centre AASS arranges a seminar with Mehul Bhatt, AASS, Örebro University.


Overall, the thematic focus will be on the multimodal study of human behaviour / interaction in diverse contexts of socio-cultural and socio-technological significance, and the need for an integrated approach combining analytical & empirical methods for developing human-centred technologies. This has also been the motivation behind the setting up of CoDesign 2017 (; I would especially appreciate to receive feedback and collaborations for the further development of CoDesign 20XX.

The first seminar will focus on:

architecture design / DesignSpace <>  how can human-centred cognitive modalities of visuo-locomotive perception constitute the foundational building blocks of design education, discourse, systems, and the professional practice of spatial design for architecture. (In other words:  addressing technology mediated design of built-up environments in order to better engineer the spaces of everyday life and work).

Demonstration: "the shape of empty space"

A description of the other themes in this series, together with bibliographic references, can be found at:

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