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Andreas Persson

Tjänstetitel: Forskningssekreterare Organisation: Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik


Telefon: 019 303714

Rum: T2238




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Artiklar i tidskrifter

Persson, A. , Längkvist, M. & Loutfi, A. (2017). Learning Actions to Improve the Perceptual Anchoring of Object. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 3 (76).
Persson, A. & Loutfi, A. (2016). Fast Matching of Binary Descriptors for Large-scale Applications in Robot Vision. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 13.
Persson, A. , Al Moubayed, S. & Loutfi, A. (2014). Fluent human–robot dialogues about grounded objects in home environments. Cognitive Computation, 6 (4), 914-927.

Doktorsavhandlingar, sammanläggningar

Persson, A. (2019). Studies in Semantic Modeling of Real-World Objects using Perceptual Anchoring. (Doctoral dissertation). (Sammanläggning) Örebro: Örebro University.


Beeson, P. , Kortenkamp, D. , Bonasso, R. P. , Persson, A. , Loutfi, A. & Bona, J. P. (2014). An Ontology-Based Symbol Grounding System for Human-Robot Interaction. I: Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction 2014 AAAI Fall Symposium. Konferensbidrag vid 2014 AAAI Fall Symposium series, Washington, USA, November 13-15, 2014. AAAI Press.
Persson, A. & Loutfi, A. (2013). A Hash Table Approach for Large Scale Perceptual Anchoring. I: 2013 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS (SMC 2013). Konferensbidrag vid IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), OCT 13-16, 2013, Manchester, ENGLAND (ss. 3060-3066).
Persson, A. , Coradeschi, S. , Rajasekaran, B. , Krishna, V. , Loutfi, A. & Alirezaie, M. (2013). I would like some food: anchoring objects to semantic web informationin human-robot dialogue interactions. I: Guido Herrmann, Martin J. Pearson, Alexander Lenz, Paul Bremner, Adam Spiers, Ute Leonards, Social Robotics Proceedings of 5th International Conference, ICSR 2013, Bristol, UK, October 27-29, 2013.. Konferensbidrag vid International Conference on Social Robotics, ICSR, Bristol, UK, October 27-29, 2013. (ss. 361-370). Springer.


Persson, A. , Zuidberg Dos Martires, P. , Loutfi, A. & De Raedt, L. Semantic Relational Object Tracking.