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Jennie Tiderman-Österberg

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Jennie Tiderman-Österberg

Om Jennie Tiderman-Österberg


Jennie Tiderman-Österberg is an ethnomusicologist at Dalarnas museum in Falun, Sweden and a opera-, gospel- and folksinger on a freelance basis. She got her Bachelor of Arts degree at Stockholms University 2009 and then Master of Science and Master of Arts at The School of Music, Theatre and Art, Örebro University, 2010 and 2011. All degrees in the major of musicology.

Jennie lives in Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden.


Jennie's PhD project is an ecomusicological, (eco)feminist, and posthumanist study on the Scandinavian herding calling "kulning". Jennie explores the connectivity, dynamics, and intensities of herding musicking situations with an aim to deepen our understanding of herding musicking as an unfolding and emergent multispecies phenomenon. My hope is that this may offer micro-political spaces that allows for affirmative relations that support more-than-human actions. The main research question is how more-than-human bodies produce and transform herding musicking by their dynamic relations. 

KEYWORDS: Herding musicking, herding calling, kulning, affect, posthumanism, ecomusicology, human-animal studies



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