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Kai Wistrand

Befattning: Universitetslektor Organisation: Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

E-post: a2FpLndpc3RyYW5kO29ydS5zZQ==

Telefon: 019 303115

Rum: N4037

Kai Wistrand

Om Kai Wistrand

My research has mainly been oriented towards various aspects of systems development and the methods used in order to facilitate and assure quality during the development process. This area of research covers questions such as the nature of systems development methods themselves to pedagogical challenges and organizational psychology. A recent topic of interest is aspects of agility and the discrepancies between intended and actual agile benefits.

I am also interested in e-learning and the challenges and opportunities being provided by new technology. This includes issues connected to pedagogy, virtual and in-situ class room design, teacher-student interaction and

Most recently, I’m studying the psychological effects of enforced self-regulated, distance-based learning during the COVID-19 lockdown.



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