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Forskningskommunikation inom kemikalier, hälsa och miljö



  • Kemi




  • Ingela Fransson, Utbildnings- och forskningsadministratör
    019 303390 This is an email address
  • Tuulia Hyötyläinen, Professor
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The aim of the course is for doctoral students to develop an understanding of the significance of being able to communicate academic research in the field of chemicals, health and the environment and knowledge of how this can be beneficial for society, industry and academia. The student will further work on their 21st century skills. The aim is also that students broaden their knowledge of the perspective and praxis in other disciplines related to chemicals, health and environment through exchanging experience of their respective research fields. The course is included in the Junior academy workshop, organized by Swedish academic consortium on chemical safety, 2019, with a theme of Career development within chemicals, health and environment. Invited speakers are representing trade union, consulting in sustainability, retail and academia. Preparation before the workshop is an assignment to prepare a one-slide presentation following the Need, Approach, Benefit and Competition model (presented during the workshop. Presentations and group work activities on creating a research presentation, mapping of stakeholders and research network building are included in the course. Following the course a written assignment of self-evaluation should be performed. The final examination takes place after the workshop at the PhD D student’s home university with a research pitch presented.