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Virtual Reality, 3 hp



  • Datavetenskap
  • Psykologi




  • Andrey Kiselev, Universitetslektor
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  • Jenny Pettersson, Utbildnings- och forskningsadministratör
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Course content 

Our imagination has always been a powerful source of alternative realities e.g. imaginary artifacts, characters, stories art and literature. Over time, new technologies such as moving images and Virtual Reality have opened up more ways to create and let others experience new realities.

Mixing real and virtual worlds has always been attractive, but it has only recently become possible due to technological developments. Video games created interest in Virtual Reality, not only in the field of entertainment but also for industrial applications.

The course examines phenomena of human interaction with virtual and augmented reality. We examine different aspects of human perception of virtual reality, depending on factors such as true-to-life rendering and experience. We look at how people act when they take part in virtual environments. We also look at the methods for building effective interaction scenarios and measuring interaction quality with both qualitative and quantitative tools.