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About this team

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The Clinical Epidemiology group comprises staff from both Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital; with collaboration across departments in the hospital.

Epidemiology involves studying aetiology, risks and outcomes of disease at the population level and we make particular use of the unique epidemiological resources available for the general population in Sweden and are continuing to develop the utilisation of biomarkers.

Much of our research involves a life-course approach to disease risk, where we seek to identify age-related windows of susceptibility to specific exposures and long-term patterns of risk accumulation for chronic diseases, often with a long and silent natural history. This includes research into cancer, immune-mediated and metabolic diseases, with research not only on disease aetiology and risks, but also social influences and outcomes in health and disease.

Our national and international collaborative network includes researchers at: Karolinska Institutet; Uppsala University; Stockholm University; University College London; Imperial College London; University of Iceland; Harvard School of Public Health; and Tohoku University, Japan.


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