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Strategic Communication (SCOM)

About this team

At Örebro University, research on strategic communication deals with different forms of goal-oriented communication inside and between organizations, but also with the organizations' stakeholders. The research integrates established disciplines such as public relations, organizational communication and market communication.

The research group has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative social science and humanistic research methods. 

The SCOM team prioritizes both critical-fundamental and basic as well as applied research performed in collaboration with business- and public organizations.

Dr. Helen Andersson
Helen Andersson’s research focuses on food communication, mainly in relation to brand communication and crisis communication. A central question is how communication about food and cooking is related to social representations of collective identities and discourses in society. The focus is on language use and meaning making in text and images. Andersson's research is based on qualitative methods.

Prof. Göran Eriksson
Göran Eriksson’s research centres how food, cooking and meal experiences are communicated in different media contexts, but is also concerned with how authorities communicate advice related to healthy eating. In these he mainly studies multimodal representations of such communication and how these are related to social representations of collective identities and discourses in society.

Assoc. Prof. Mats Eriksson (Head of Team)
Mats Eriksson´s research concerns public relations and communication management especially in the context of risk-, crisis- and emergency communication. He has recently been particularly interested in how social media and mobile phones change both crisis managing organizations and citizens media use, crisis reactions and crisis behaviour. He uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

PhD student Hanna Hallin
Hanna Hallin investigates discursive aspects of economic practices by looking at different societal discourses where this contradiction between ‘sustainability’ and economic activity is negotiated. A central concern is the role of corporate strategic communication in promoting some discourses at the expense of other. Hanna has previously conducted research on the mediated image of economic growth in news and is interested in the intersection of economy, politics and communication.

Dr. Joel Rasmussen
Joel Rasmussen works on discourse theory and analysis, particularly in the areas of strategic communication, organizational communication and representations of mental health. His work focuses on shifting politics of responsibility and constructions thereof via discourses on risk, health, and safety management. Joel also perform research about crisis communication and social media.

Dr. Hogne L. Sataøen
Hogne L. Sataøen’s research concerns strategic communication in public sector organizations such as hospitals and higher education institutions. In particular, he has been interested in how new management and communication concepts such as reputation management, branding and corporate communication has been professionalized, translated and implemented into different parts of the organizations. Analytically, his research is based on institutional theory and qualitative research methods such as interviews, observations and content analysis.

Dr. Johanna Stenersen
Johanna Stenersen is interested in the changing nature of "development" as well as of cultural and political identities. Her research spans organizational analysis and issues such as corporate social responsibility or new trends in organizational communication and management incl. topics such as employer/employee branding or sustainability.

PhD student Malin Ågren
Malin Ågren studies preparedness communication. Her research aim is to analyze how public authorities such as the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) communicates the sense of national threat, as well as analyzing how such communication is received and perceived by the public.

Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council Formas
  • Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
  • The Research Council of Norway
  • Swedish Research Council