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Time management skills in people with cognitive limitations (TOVA)

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Marie Holmefur

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The ability to plan and handle time is necessary to manage work and family life in a satisfactory manner. The research group TOVA is studying time management in persons with cognitive limitations, for example due to mental disorder or neurodevelopmental disorder (ADHD, ADD or autism spectrum disorder) or mild intellectual disability. At the core of the research is the evaluation of a group intervention to improve time management: Let's Get Organized, of which a pilot study has been completed with promising results. A randomized, controlled study is planned including persons with mental or neurodevelopmental disorder. The research group also has evaluated the Swedish versions of the Assessment of Time Management Skills (ATMS-S), which is a patient reported measure of time management, organization, planning and regulation of emotions, and the Weekly Calendar Planning Activity (WCPA-SW), a test of executive function.

Research funding bodies

  • The Research Committee in Region Örebro Council
  • The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)
  • Promobilia
  • Region Örebro County
  • Regional Research Council Mid Sweden
  • Örebro University