Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet


Gyuri Venter, Copenhagen Business School: “Central Bank Communication and the Yield Curve”

Edvard Jansen, Formuesforvaltning: “The Effects of ECB’s Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy on Norwegian Asset Prices”

Paul Whelan, Copenhagen Business School: “Expected Term Structures”

Alexandra Tabova, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System: “Searching for Yield Abroad: Risk-Taking through Foreign Investment in U.S. Bonds”

David Vestin, Sveriges Riksbank: “Monetary Policy when Market Street Begs to Differ”

Rafael Barros de Rezende, Sveriges Riksbank: “A Shadow Rate as a Monetary Policy Stance Measure”

Jesper Lindé, Sveriges Riksbank: “Estimation of Operational Macromodels at the Zero Lower Bound”

Hanna Armelius, Ministry of Finance (Sweden): “The Natural Rate in Sweden and Global Spill-Overs”

Keynote speech

Lars E. O. Svensson, Stockholm School of Economics: ” Interest Rates during and after the Crisis: Leaning against the Wind, or Not?”