Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Guidelines for publishing

When you want to publish a paper in the S-WoPEc database (Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics)

1. If you are a PhD candidate - get an OK from your advisor and the head of subject (who will take the final decision). If you hold a PhD degree, you may decide yourself if you want your paper to be published there.

2. When the head of subject has approved the publication, send an e-mail to This is an email address, for a serial number.

3. Merge the TEXT of your paper with the Title Page Template (including title, serial number, author, date and ISSN number, which can be downloaded here. You can see an example of a final document (that includes the Title Page)).

4. Convert your file to pdf format and send the pdf file to This is an email address together with information about JEL-codes and Keywords.

Title Page Template (downloadable Word document)

Example of a final document (that includes the Title Page)

When the paper has been published in S-WoPEc

1) this will be confirmed by an automatic e-mail message to you.

2) One paper copy will be filed at the department.

3) If you wish to update your paper later on, do so and send the new version to This is an email address.

4) If your paper is published later in a journal or book, please send information about the publication (title, year, journal, volume, page numbers) to This is an email address and the information will be entered in S-WoPEc.