Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2019

2019:1 Eliasson, Kent; Hansson, Pär; Lindvert, Markus "Regional employment effects of MNE offshoring"

2019:2 Kyvik Nordås, Hildegunn; Lodefalk, Magnus; Tang, Aili "Trade and jobs: a description of Swedish labor market dynamics"

2019:3 Gulliksson, Mårten; Mazur, Stepan "An Iterative Approach to III-Conditioned Optimal Portfolio Selection"

2019:4 Andersson, Fredrik; Jordahl, Henrik; Josephson, Jens "Outsourcing Public Services: Contractibility, Cost, and Quality"

2019:5  Vimefall, Elin; Persson, Mattias; Olofsson, Sara; Hultkrantz, Lars "Is Prevention of Suicide Worth Less?-A Comparison of the Value per Statistical Life"

2019:6 Knezevic, David; Nordström, Martin; Österholm, Pär "The Relation between Municipal and Government Bond Yields in an Era of Unconventional Monetary Policy"

2019:7 Karlsson, Sune; Österholm, Pär "The Relation between the Corporate Bond-Yield Spread and the Real Economy: Stable or Time-Varying?"

2019:8 Andrén, Daniela "The Effects of Social Media Use on the Well-Being of Users.
The Wonderland of HaikuJAM"

2019:9 Mazur, Stepan; Otryakhin, Dmitry "Linear Fractional Stable Motion with the RLFSM R Package"

2019:10 Kladivko, Kamil; Österholm, Pär "Market Participants' Forecasts of Financial Variables - Survey Data Outperform the Radom Walk?

2019:11 Hjalmarsson, Erik; Österholm, Pär "Heterogeneity in Households’ Expectations of Housing Prices – Evidence from Micro Data"

2019:12 Knezevic, David; Krüger, Niclas; Nordström, Martin "A Guarantee – Does the Obligee Agree? A Risk Premium Decomposition of Sub-Sovereign Bond Spreads"