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Research Seminar in Mathematics - Quasi Monte Carlo for open quantum many-body systems

08 december 2023 13:15 T211, Teknikhuset

Please contact Andrii Dmytryshyn if you have any questions regarding this seminar series.


Hugo Strand, Örebro University.


The simulation of open quantum many-body systems is a formidable challenge. Due to the dimensionality of the problem the goto method is stochastic Markov chain Monte Carlo, which converges as N^{-1/2} where N is the number of samples. We show how Markov chain Monte Carlo can be replaced by quasi Monte Carlo integration in the inchworm method, improving the convergence rate to N^{-1} [1]. This extends the applicability of the inchworm method to materials simulation, where continuous time hybridization expansion Monte Carlo has a severe sign problem. A Julia implementation of our inchworm quasi Monte Carlo approach: "QInchworm.jl", is available under an open source license [2].