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AASS Seminar - Introduction to computational social choice

05 december 2019 13:00 T135, Teknikhuset

For more information about the AASS Seminar Series, please contact:
Alessandro Saffiotti

The research centre AASS arranges a seminar with Jérôme Lang, Université Paris-Dauphine & CNRS.


Computational social choice is an interdisciplinary field of study at the interface of social choice theory and computer science, promoting an exchange of ideas in both directions. On the one hand, it is concerned with the application of techniques developed in computer science, such as complexity analysis, algorithm design, or communication protocols, to the study of social choice mechanisms, such as voting procedures or fair division algorithms. On the other hand, computational social choice is concerned with importing concepts from social choice theory into computing. For instance, social welfare orderings originally developed to analyse the quality of resource allocations in human society are equally well applicable to problems in multiagent systems or network design. Computational social choice brings together ideas from computer science, artificial intelligence, logic, political science and economic theory, amongst others. I will briefly introduce some representative problems that have been studied in the field, as well as classes of solutions.

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