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Achim Lilienthal

Befattning: Gästprofessor Organisation: Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik

E-post: YWNoaW0ubGlsaWVudGhhbDtvcnUuc2U=

Telefon: 019 303602

Rum: T1208

Achim Lilienthal

Om Achim Lilienthal

I am a professor for Computer Science at Örebro University and head of the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction (MRO) Lab, a research group at the AASS Research Centre.

My personal research interest is generally focused on perception systems for intelligent systems, mostly mobile robots that operate in unconstrained, dynamic environments. A major aim is to integrate research results timely in industrial demonstrators. More specifically, my research addresses Mobile Robot Olfaction, Robot-assisted Environmental Monitoring, Rich 3D Perception, Long-term Autonomous Navigation, and increasingly also Human Robot Interaction, specifically in semi-controllable (typically industrial) environments. In addition, I recently developed an interest in Mathematics Education Research. More information about the research directions of the MRO lab can be found here.


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