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Sensorer och perceptionssystems, 4 hp



  • Datavetenskap




  • Jenny Pettersson, Utbildnings- och forskningsadministratör
    019 303507 This is an email address
  • Todor Stoyanov, Universitetslektor
    019 303358 This is an email address

Course content

The course covers the following topics in the context of sensor and perception systems for robotics:

  • The role of sensors in a probabilistic robotic framework
  • Positioning sensors: encoders and accelerometers
  • Range sensors: sonars, radars and laser range finders
  • Image sensors: cameras
  • Global positioning sensors: GPS and indoor localization systems
  • 3D range sensors: ToF, structured light and stereo vision
  • Chemical sensors
  • Calibration
  • Noise modelling and characterization
  • Noise filtering and sensor data processing
  • Scene perception: mapping and registration
  • Object perception: recognition and detection

Course information

The course is planned to be offered in Spring 2025. 

The course consists of 3 obligatory virtual meetings (3 hours each). Dates and time for those meetings will be decided together with the students who sign up for the course.

Please note: At least four students need to sign up for the course in order for it to be offered. 

How to register interest in the course

A form will be posted here when it is time to sign up for the course.