Foundations of teaching and learning

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As indicated by its name, "Foundations of teaching and learning" forms an important basis for the knowledge and skills you need as a teacher in higher education. Alongside the courses "Working efficiently as a teacher" and "Perspectives on higher education", it is one of the mandatory courses within the ten weeks of university teacher training required for a permanent teaching position at the university. For the other three weeks, you can choose from our optional themed courses.


The application form is open 15 October - 15 January at the latest. NB! The application may close earlier if the course is full.  Link to the application form.


In Foundations of teaching and learning, you will work with educational development that puts students' learning at the center. During the course, each participant will develop a learning module, and the final course assignment consists of a reflection on this development work. In the development of the component, legal, pedagogical and didactic aspects should be taken into account, and the course therefore covers national regulations and local governing documents as well as different perspectives on learning, different types of learning activities and different forms of examination.

Presentations, seminars, workshops and reflection exercises are used as forms of study. The teaching is conducted both in whole groups and in small working groups. Course material and course information are published on Örebro University's learning platform. The course is run digitally.

160 h corresponding to 4 weeks of full-time studies.

As the collegial exchange of experiences is an important element of the course, participation in all teaching is mandatory. In the event of an impediment, the participant must contact the course convenor in good time for a discussion about how the learning activity can be carried out or the course content obtained in an alternative way. If the attendance rate is lower than 75%, the participant must retake the course.

In order to be eligible you need a complete academic degree of at least bachelor's level. Applicants are offered a place on the course on a first-come, first-served basis provided a complete application has been submitted which the applicant’s head or director has approved. Note that the application may close before the deadline if the course fills up. In case of too few applicants the course may be cancelled. 


Qualifying course in teaching higher education, 4 weeks
(Högskolepedagogikens grunder)


Örebro University’s courses in academic development have been developed in accordance with recommendations adopted on April 14, 2016 by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF) regarding the scope, objectives and eligibility for professional university teacher training in order to facilitate the mutual recognition of courses between institutions. The courses are offered as competence development for faculty members.

During the course, participants work toward the following goals from SUHF for eligibility for teaching higher education:

  • The participant shall demonstrate the ability to discuss and problematise student learning in the participant’s own subject area, on the basis of research in educational sciences and/or subject didactics of relevance for teaching in higher education
  • independently and together with others plan, implement and evaluate teaching and assessment in higher education with a scientific, scholarly or artistic basis and within their own area of knowledge
  • apply relevant national and local rules and regulations, and to discuss society’s objectives for higher education and the academic teaching role in terms of the participant’s own practice and students’ active participation in higher education
  • collect, analyze and communicate their own and others’ experiences of teaching and learning practices, and relevant outcomes of research, as a basis for the development of educational practice and of the academic profession.


The Foundations of Teaching and Learning course equals 160 working hours or four weeks full time study, as decided by the director of the Centre for Academic Development 2021-06-02.

2.1 Course goals

After completing the course participants should be able to

  • develop a teaching element on the basis of selected pedagogical principles and subject-specific pedagogical considerations, taking into account relevant laws and regulations as well as local policies,
  • describe, analyze and evaluate various forms of learning activities and assessment practices in relation to established course goals,
  • identify educational problems and challenges and reflect on possible and sustainable solutions, drawing on academic development theory and research and subject-specific pedagogical considerations,
  • independently and together with others plan and carry out a learning activity that promotes sustainable learning, and
  • critically and constructively discuss their own educational and pedagogical positions and choices as well as those of others.

2.2 Course content

In the Foundations of Teaching and Learning course, participants work with academic development focused on student learning. During the course, each participant develops an academic learning moment, and the final assignment is to write a pedagogical reflection on that academic developmental work. The development of the academic learning moment should take into account educational, pedagogical and legal implications, and therefore issues such as national regulations and local governing documents as well as different perspectives on learning, different types of learning activities and different forms of examination will be covered during the course sessions. In addition, there are about 350 pages of compulsory and optional literature that will be available at the start of the course.

2.7 Certificate

A certificate will be presented after satisfactory completion of the course.


An undergraduate degree or the equivalent.



Read the courseplan as a pdf document

The course may be offered online in the spring semester 2022.

Course dates:
Wednesday March 2
Wednesday March 23 
Wednesday April 6
Wednesday April 20
Wednesday May 11

All courses are between 09:15 - 16:00. 

Employees at Örebro University:
800 sek/week excluding VAT
Total cost: 3 200 sek excluding VAT

External applicants:
2 000 sek/week excluding VAT
Totalt: 8 000 sek excluding VAT

The course fee will be invoiced after the deadline for registration for the course. In the event of cancellation after the last day of registration or an interruption of the course, no refund will be made. 

If you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to contact us at This is an email address.

For questions regarding the course content please contact Brittany Evans at This is an email address or telephone 019-301229.

For questions regarding practical issues such as the application, location, invoicing, please contact Anna Asplund at This is an email address or telephone 019-30 37 84.