Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2007

2007:14 Carling Kenneth & Alam Moudud: Computationally feasible estimation of the covariance structure in Generalized linear mixed models (GLMM) 22pp (pdf)

2007:13 Andersson Michael K & Karlsson Sune: Bayesian Forecast Combination for VAR Models 52pp (pdf)

2007:12 Jakobsson Robin & Karlsson Nicklas:Testing Market Efficiency in a Fixed Odds Betting Market 13pp (pdf)

2007:11 Bokenblom Mattias & Ekblad Kristin:Sickness Absence and Peer Effects- Evidence from a Swedish Municipality 22pp (pdf)

2007:10 Bandick Roger & Karpaty Patrik: Foreign Acquisition and Employment Effects in Swedish Manufacturing 25pp (pdf)

2007:9 Krüger, N. & Svensson, M., (2009), The Impact of Real Options on Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reductions, Journal of Health Economics, 28: 563-569.

2007:8 Levin Jörgen & Widell M Lars: Tax Evasion in Kenya and Tanzania; Evidence from Missing Imports 33pp (pdf)

2007:7 Bandick Roger: Multinationals and Plant Survival in Swedish Manufacturing 19 pp (pdf)

2007:6 Krüger A Niclas & Svensson Mikael: Economic Fluctuations and Mortality: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis for Sweden 1800-2000 22 pp (pdf)

2007:5 Andersson Linda & Karpaty Patrik: Offshoring and Relative Labor Demand in Swedish Firms 17 pp (pdf)

2007:4 Eklund Jana & Karlsson Sune: Computational Efficiency in Bayesian Model and Variable Selection 41 pp (pdf)

2007:3 Svensson Mikael: Precautionary Behavior and Willingness to Pay for a Mortality Risk Reduction: Searching for the Expected Relationship 29 pp (pdf)

2007:2 Svensson Mikael & Vredin Johansson Maria: Willingness to Pay for Private and Public Safety: Why the Difference? 33 pp (pdf)

2007:1 Eklund Jana & Karlsson Sune: An Embarrassment of Riches: Forecasting Using Large Panels 27 pp (pdf)