Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2009

2009:1 Sund Björn: "Certainty calibration in contingent valuation: Exploring the within-difference between dichotomous choice and open-ended answers as a certainty measure."

2009:2 Sund Björn: "Sensitivity to scope in contingent valuation: Introducing a flexible community analogy to communicate mortality risk reductions."

2009:3 Md Moudud Alam: "Industry shocks and empirical evidences on defaults comovement"

2009:4 Md Moudud Alam: "An efficient algorithm for the pseudo likelihood estimation of the generalized linear mixed models (GLMM) with correlated random effects"

2009:5 Frostenson Magnus & Helin Sven: "Principer för hållbarhetsredovisning i teori och praktik: En studie av fjärrvärmebranschen"

2009:6 Svensson, Mikael. "Adolescents Alcohol-use and Economic Conditions. A Multilevel Analysis of Data from a Period with Big Economic Changes"

2009:7 Svensson, Mikael. " Alcohol Use and Social Interactions among Adolescents . Do peer-effects exist within and/or between the majority population and immigrants?"

2009:8 Svensson, Mikael. "Adolescent Alcohol- and Illicit Drug-Use in First and Second Generation Immigrants in Sweden"

2009:9 Bandick, Roger & Görg, Holger. "Foreign acquisition, plant survival, and employment growth"

2009:10 Andrén, Daniela & Andrén, Thomas. "Starting Sick Leave on Part-Time as a Treatment Method?"

2009:11 Andrén Daniela & Svensson, Mikael. "Part-time sick leave as a treatment method for individuals with musculoskeletal disorders"

2009:12 Hultkrantz, Lars & Lindberg, Gunnar. "Pay-as-you-speed: An economic field-experiment"

2009:13 Andrén, Daniela. "How to evaluate the impact of part-time sick leave on the probability of recovering"

2009:14 Hultkrantz, Lars & Shengcong, Xue. "Mitigating Hypothetical Bias in Value of Time Studies: Lab-Experiment Results"

2009:15 Eliasson Kent, Hansson, Pär, Lindvert, Markus "Do Firms Learn by Exporting or Learn to Export? Evidence from Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Swedish Manufacturing"

2009: 16 Hultkrantz, Lars & Liu, Xing Green cars Sterilize Congestion charges: A Model Analysis of the Reduced Impact of Stockholm Road Tolls