Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2018

2018:1 Bodnar, Taras; Mazur, Stepan; Podgórski, Krzysztof; Tyrcha, Joanna "Tangency portfolio weights for singular covariance matrix in small and large dimensions: estimation and test theory"

2018:2 Bauder, David; Bodnar, Taras; Mazur, Stepan; Okhrin, Yarema "Bayesian inference for the tangent portfolio"

2018:3 Mazur, Stepan; Otryakhin, Dmitry; Podolskij, Mark "Estimation of the linear fractional stable motion"

2018:4 Kyvik Nordås, Hildegunn "Frankel and Romer revisited"

2018:5 Karlsson, Sune; Österholm, Pär "Is the US Phillips Curve Stable? Evidence from Bayesian VARs"

2018:6 Karlsson, Sune; Österholm, Pär "A note on the Stability of the Swedish Philips Curve"

2018:7 Anyadike-Danes, Michael; Bjuggren, Carl Magnus; Dumont, Michel; Gottschalk, Sandra; Hölzl, Werner; Johansson, Dan; Maliranta, Mika; Myrann, Anja; Nielsen, Kristian; Zheng, Guanyu "An international comparison of the contribution to job creation by high growth firms"

2018:8 Beechey, Meredith; Österholm, Pär "Point versus Band Targets for Inflation"

2018:9 Eliasson, Kent; Hansson, Pär; Lindvert, Markus "Decomposing value chains within Swedish multinationals"

2018:10 Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael; Wykman, Niklas "The Rise of Private Foundations as Owners of Swedish Industry: The Role of Tax Incentives 1862-2018"

2018:11 Hatzigeorgiou, Andreas; Lodefalk, Magnus "Do Migrants Facilitate Internationalization? A Review of the Literature"

2018:12 Agarwal, Natasha; Lodefalk, Magnus; Tang, Aili; Tano, Sofia; Wang, Zheng "Mitigating Information Frictions in Trade: Evidence from Export Credit Guarantees"

2018:13 Andrén, Daniela; Clark, Andrew E; D'Ambrosio, Conchita; Karlsson, Sune; Pettersson, Nicklas "New ways to measure well-being? A first joint analysis of subjective and objective measures"

2018:14 Andrén, Daniela; Mudenda,  Lackson Daniel; Pettersson, Nicklas "Which firms employ older workers?"