Program NNRME 29 March

NNRME 2023

Session 2

Vision 2030 for Finnish Music Education: How is it connected to academic freedom and responsibility in music education practice and research?
Paper presented by Sharon Lierse, Tampere University

Recontextualising Music Education at Swedish Folk High School 
Paper presented by Julia Eckerstein, Göteborgs university
Commentator: Anna Backman- Bister, Royal College of Music Stockholm

Hörsal M
Teaching and learning in music education – a systematic review
Paper presented by Karolina Fredriksson, Swedish institute for educational research, Cecilia Wallerstedt, professor, University of Gothenburg and Olle Zandén, associate professor, University of Gothenburg.

Tradition, Identity, Learning: A methodological discussion
Paper presented by Markus Tullberg and Eva Sæther, Lund University
Commentator:  Njål Ølnes, Inland Norway University of Applied Science

Singing and making in society – ambiguities and musician competence?
Paper presented by Cecilia Ferm, Södertörns Högskola & Linn Hentschel, Umeå University. Commentator: Guro Gravem Johansen, Norwegian Academy of Music

School music in the welfare state: Sounding the system, practicing the policy? 
Paper presented by Live Weider Ellefsen & Eirik Askerøi, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

 The practicum teacher in the kulturskole: A lonesome cowboy
 Presented by Gry Sagmo Aglen, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Pre-service music teachers reflecting on their education: the beginning of a longitudinal research project
Paper presented by Bendik Fredriksen, Oslo Metropolitan University
Commentator: Carina Borgström-Källén, Gothenburg University


Children as playful changemakers
Presented by Ingeborg Lunde, Eirik Askerøi, Stian Vestby and Alexandra Kertz-Welzel, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Hörsal M
Appropriation, Appreciation, Inspirationand Censorship: The challenges of making ethical choices
Presented by Ketil Thorgersen,  Stockholms musikpedagogiska institut (SMI), Guro Gravem Johansen, Norwegian Academy of Music, Adriana di Lorentzo Tillborg, Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University

Session 3

Free to lead? An inquiry into the role of academic freedom during change processes in Nordic higher music education
Paper presented by Veronica Ski-Berg, Sidsel Karlsen and Ellen Stabell, Norwegian Academy of Music
Commentator: Sharon Lierse, Tampere University

Instrumental teachers' boundary repertoires
Paper presented by Vera Due, Norwegian Academy of Music
Commentator: Marcus Tullberg, Lund University

ʽStirringʼ preservice teachers into music teaching practices? Seeing practicum conversations through practice architecture theory
Paper presented by Silje Meling Bjørnevoll, HVL
Commentator: Cecilia Ferm Almqvist, Södertörns Högskola

How to become a qualified Music Teacher - different educational pathways for developing professional expertise in Sweden
Paper presented by Anna E. Bohm, Örebro university
Commentator, Live W. Ellefsen, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

‘MusiCrafting’ in music teacher education
Paper presented by Tine Viig, Western Norway University of Applied Science
Commentator: Ola B. Øien, Nord universitet

Session 4

Hörsal M
Teaching and learning with Nombra technology
Paper presented by Susanna Leijonhufvud & Ketil Thorgersen, Stockholms muiskpedagogiska institut. Commentator: Jens Knigge, Nord University

Teachers' roles and competences when teaching music in distance education
Paper presented by Lia Lonnert, Linnéuniversitetet

14.30-15.00 CANCELLED
Indications of music teaching practices in the Swedish Special-needs Compulsory School
Paper presented by Anna Backman- Bister, Royal College of Music Stockholm
Commentator: Torill Vist, Oslo Metropolitan University

Now you see me: Inclusive pedagogies and learning in primary school music
Paper presented by Jon Helge Sætre, Norwegian Academy of Music
Commentator: Alexandra Kertz-Welzel, Ludwig-Maxmilians-Universitaet, Munich; Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Hamar.

88 shades of grey? The disciplined female pianist in the male-dominated world of Western classical music
Paper presented by Cecilia Ferm Almqvist, Södertörns Högskola & Carl Holmgren, Umeå University. Commentator: Bjørnar Utne-Reitan, Norwegian Academy of Music

”From Top-down to bottom-up. Drawing on students’ interactions to develop critical musical pedagogy” 
Paper presented by Mikael Persson, Stockholm University
Commentator: Hanne Rinholm, Oslo Metropolitan University


The Norwegian Municipal School of music and performing art and seven related PhD-projects
Presented by Mali Hauen, UiA, Kirsti Nørstebø, Nord university,  Ingrid Fostad, NTNU/Trondheim Municipality, Solveig Rivenes Lone, Norwegian university of science and technology & Ingrid Lauten, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Nord University

Nordic Network in School Musical theatre research (NNSF 2019-)
Presented by Lorentz Edberg, Umeå University, Morten Stene, Volda University College/NTNU & Solveig Salthammer Kolaas, Nord universitet

Session 5

Hörsal M
Please, fill in the blanks. An autoethnographic exploration of a composer, the composed and trying to compose myself.
Paper presented by Solveig Freheim, Nord University

Competition and confession: Exploring the hermeneutics of the musical self in prime-time television
Paper presented by Camilla Kvaal, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

How can a Performative Music Pedagogy (Research) sound like?
Paper presented by Sunniva Skjøstad Hovde, NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology