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Steffen Keiter

Befattning: Universitetslektor Organisation: Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik


Telefon: 019 303604

Rum: B3317

Steffen Keiter
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Om Steffen Keiter

Humans and wildlife are exposed to multi-component chemical “cocktails” of pollutants posing different potential health risks. Thus, there is a dire need to investigate the toxic responses and interactions of chemical mixtures present in complex environmental samples, e.g. sediments. The aim of my research is to increase the understanding of molecular processes and the resulting effects in aquatic organisms and in particular in zebrafish after exposure to selected emerging pollutants and their mixtures. Knowledge gained within my research will contribute not only to environmental science but also to the protection of human health, since many of the pathways that regulate toxic responses are highly conserved between humans and zebrafish.



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