Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2004

2004:15 Bandick Roger: Do workers benefit from foreign ownership? Evidence from Swedish manufacturing. 29 pp. (pdf)

2004:14 Svensson Lars and Widell Lars: Estimation of Commodity by Commodity IO-Matrices. 27 pp. (pdf)

2004:13 Tångdahl Sara: Nonresponse bias for some common estimators and its change over time in the data collection process. 37 pp. (pdf)

2004:12 Luthman U.: Expectation errors and risk premia in the term structure of interest rates. 49 pp. (pdf)

2004:11 Luthman U.: Testing the expectations hypothesis with survey data. 47 pp (pdf)

2004:10 Wieweg L.: Cream-skimming entry in railway passenger services?.42 pp (pdf)

2004:9 Poldahl A.: Domestic vs International Spillovers: Evidence from Swedish Firm Level Data. 25 pp (pdf)

2004:8 Persson J.: Effekter på BNP per capita och reallöner av arbetskraftsinvandring från de nya EU-länderna. 48 pp (pdf)

2004:7 Persson J.: The Population Age Distribution, Human Capital, and Economic Growth: The U.S. states 1930-2000 *.20 pp. (pdf)

2004:6 Karpaty P.: Are foreign owned-firms more productive?Evidence from Swedish firm data. 31 pp (pdf)

2004:5 Hultkrantz L.: Voluntary road pricing. 23 pp. (pdf)

2004:4 Aranki T.: The Effect of Israeli Closure Policy on Wage Earnings in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.39 pp. (pdf)

2004:3 Ängsved M.: Estimating the finite population total under frame imperfections. 53 pp. (pdf)

2004:2 Karpaty P., and Lundberg, L.: Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity spillovers in Swedish Manufacturing. 28 pp. (pdf)

2004:1 A. Hatemi-J and M. Irandoust: Evidence on the Direction of Causation in the Money-Income Relationship: An Alternative Methodology. 25 pp. (pdf)