Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2008

2008:1 Jörgen Levin & Mikael Ohlin:Trade Policies and Export growth - employment and poverty impact in Tanzania (pdf)

2008:2 Niclas Krüger & Mikael Svensson: Good Times Are Drinking Times: Empirical Evidence on Business Cycles and Alcohol Sales in Sweden 1861-2000 (pdf)

2008:3 Emmanuel E. Asmah & Jorgen Levin: Aid-Financed Public Investments and the Dutch Disease: Evidence from Tanzania (pdf)

2008:4 Niclas A Krüger: Climate Variability and Health: Sweden 1751-2004 (pdf)

2008:5 Linda Andersson: Net Taxes, Income Stabilization and Regional Job Flows in Sweden (pdf)

2008:6 Hans Hogberg & Elisabeth Svensson: Comparison of Methods in analysis of dependent ordered categorical data (pdf)

2008:7 Hans Hogberg & Elisabeth Svensson: An Overview of Methods in the Analysis of dependent ordered Categorical Data: Assumptions and Implications (pdf)

2008:8 Linda Andersson & Anna Henriksen: What determines Local Expenditures on Mental health Care in Sweden Really? (pdf)

2008:9 Anna-Maria Kling & Thomas Laitila: Svenska konsumenters attityder till miljö och ursprungsmärkning av matfisk (pdf)

2008:10 Jane Kiringai & Jorgen Levin: Achieving the MDGs in Kenya with some aid and reallocation of public expenditures (pdf)

2008:11 Sara Westling: A simulation approach to evaluate the cost efficiency of nonresponse follow-ups (pdf)

2008:12 Meaza Demissie: Multiple hypotheses testing in small microarray experiments (pdf)

2008:13 Meaza Demissie: A comparative review of estimates of FDR in small microarray experiments (pdf)