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Mårten Gulliksson

Tjänstetitel: Professor Organisation: Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik


Telefon: 019 303821

Rum: T2129

Mårten Gulliksson

Om Mårten Gulliksson

I am a professor of mathematics doing teaching and research mainly  in applied mathematics. My current intrests are towards computational methods in quantum physics, finance, different aspects of inverse problems, and numerical linear algebra.



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Artiklar i tidskrifter

Gulliksson, M. & Ögren, M. (2021). Dynamical representations of constrained multicomponent nonlinear Schrödinger equations in arbitrary dimensions. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 54 (27).
Zhang, Y. , Gong, R. , Gulliksson, M. & Cheng, X. (2019). A coupled complex boundary expanding compacts method for inverse source problems. Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems, 27 (1), 67-86.
Baravdish, G. , Svensson, O. , Gulliksson, M. & Zhang, Y. (2019). Damped second order flow applied to image denoising. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 84 (6), 1082-1111.
Ögren, M. , Jha, D. , Dobberschütz, S. , Müter, D. , Carlsson, M. , Gulliksson, M. , Stipp, S. & Sørensen, H. (2019). Numerical simulations of NMR relaxation in chalk using local Robin boundary conditions. Journal of magnetic resonance, 308.
Cheng, X. , Lin, G. , Zhang, Y. , Gong, R. & Gulliksson, M. (2018). A modified coupled complex boundary method for an inverse chromatography problem. Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems, 26 (1), 33-49.
Lin, G. , Zhang, Y. , Cheng, X. , Gulliksson, M. , Forssén, P. & Fornstedt, T. (2018). A regularizing Kohn–Vogelius formulation for the model-free adsorption isotherm estimation problem in chromatography. Applicable Analysis, 97 (1), 13-40.
Zhang, Y. , Fornstedt, T. , Gulliksson, M. & Dai, X. (2018). An adaptive regularization algorithm for recovering the rate constant distribution from biosensor data. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 26 (10), 1464-1489.
Roussou, A. , Smyrnakis, I. , Magiropoulos, M. , Efremidis, N. , Kavoulakis, G. , Sandin, P. , Ögren, M. & Gulliksson, M. (2018). Excitation spectrum of a mixture of two Bose gases confined in a ring potential with interaction asymmetry. New Journal of Physics, 20.
Dai, X. , Zhang, C. , Zhang, Y. & Gulliksson, M. (2018). Topology optimization of steady Navier-Stokes flow via a piecewise constant level set method. Structural and multidisciplinary optimization (Print), 57 (6), 2193-2203.
Zhang, Y. , Lin, G. , Gulliksson, M. , Forssén, P. , Fornstedt, T. & Cheng, X. (2017). An adjoint method in inverse problems of chromatography. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 25 (8), 1112-1137.
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Zhang, Y. , Guang-Liang, L. , Forssén, P. , Gulliksson, M. , Fornstedt, T. & Cheng, X. (2016). A regularization method for the reconstruction of adsorption isotherms in liquid chromatography. Inverse Problems, 32 (10).
Gulliksson, M. , Holmbom, A. , Persson, J. & Zhang, Y. (2016). A separating oscillation method of recovering the G-limit in standard and non-standard homogenization problems. Inverse Problems, 32 (2).
Zhang, Y. , Gulliksson, M. , Hernandez Bennetts, V. & Schaffernicht, E. (2016). Reconstructing gas distribution maps via an adaptive sparse regularization algorithm. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 24 (7), 1186-1204.

Kapitel i böcker, del av antologier

Gulliksson, M. , Ögren, M. , Oleynik, A. & Zhang, Y. (2019). Damped Dynamical Systems for Solving Equations and Optimization Problems. I: Bharath Sriraman, Handbook of the Mathematics of the Arts and Sciences. . Springer.


Lockby, A. , Sandin, P. , Ögren, M. & Gulliksson, M. (2016). Finding Stationary Solutions of PDEs with Constraints using Damped Dynamical Systems. I: Comsol Conference 2016. Konferensbidrag vid Comsol Conference 2016, Münich, Germany, October 12-14 2016.


Gulliksson, M. , Oleynik, A. & Mazur, S. (2021). Portfolio Selection with a Rank-deficient Covariance Matrix. Örebro: Örebro University, School of Business (Working Papers, School of Business 12).