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Sofia Ramström

Tjänstetitel: Universitetslektor Organisation: Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper


Telefon: 019 303147

Rum: C2108

Sofia Ramström
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Om Sofia Ramström

My research is focused on the function and physiology of blood platelets and their interactions with the coagulation system and with other cells. A special interest is the role and function for the platelet subpopulations with different properties that forms upon platelet activation.

A main theme has been to develop new methods and technologies to study platelets, based on techniques such as flow cytometry, free oscillation rheometry and microcontact printing. These techniques are used in current projects to study platelet function in different clinical settings: 

  • Platelet function in transfusion medicine
  • Platelet function in cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology
  • Platelet function in haematological diseases
  • Diagnosis of platelet function defects


Co-chair in SSC Subcommittee on Platelet Physiology for the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis



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