Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2012

2012:1 Andrén, Daniela and Andrén, Thomas: "Never give up? The persistence of welfare participation in Sweden"

2012:2 Mantalos, Panagiotis: "Robust critical values for unit root tests for series with conditional heteroscedasticity errors: An application of the simple NoVaS transformation"

2012:3 Thureson, Disa: "Temporal Aspects of the Social Costs of Greenhouse Gases" (Revised February 2016)

2012:4 Mantalos, Panagiotis and Karagrigoriou, Alex: "Testing for skewness in AR conditional volatility models for financial return series"

2012:5 Hultkrantz, Lars and Svensson, Mikael: "A Comparison of Benefit Cost and Cost Utility Analysis in Practice: Divergent Policies in Sweden"

2012:6 Li, Dao and He, Changli: "Testing for Linear Cointegration Against Smooth-Transition Cointegration" (Revised August 2013)

2012:7 Li, Dao and He, Changli: "Testing Common Nonlinear Features in Nonlinear Vector Autoregressive Models" (Revised August 2013)

2012:8 Thureson, Disa: "Avoiding path dependence of distributional weights: Lessons from climate change economic assessment" (Revised February 2016)

2012:9 Liu, Xing and Bohlin, Lars: "Effects from consistent internalization of external effects from transport and manufacturing – a CGE analysis for Sweden"

2012:10 Lodefalk, Magnus: "The Role of Services for Manufacturing Firms' Exports"

2012:11 Karlsson, Sune: "Conditional posteriors for the reduced rank regression model"

2012:12 Karlsson, Sune: "Forecasting with Bayesian Vector Autoregressions"

2012:13 Hultkrantz, Lars: "A Note on High-Speed Rail Investments and Travelers' Value of Time"

2012:14 Hultkrantz, Lars, Krüger, Niclas and Mantalos, Panagiotis:"Risk-adjusted long term social rates of discount for transportation infrastructure investment"