Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2020

2020:1 Kyvik Nordås, Hildegunn "The WTO Reference Paper meets EU common regulatory policy in CETA"

2020:2 Kiss, Tamás; Österholm, Pär "Corona, Crisis and Conditional Heteroscedasticity"

2020:3 Karlsson, Niklas; Pettersson, Nicklas "Pigs in Space: Is Miss Piggy Going in for Final Landing? A Statistical Analysis of the game Pass the Pigs®"

2020:4 Eliasson, Kent; Hansson, Pär; Lindvert, Markus "Foreign acquisitions – A shortcut to higher productivity and expansion in smaller firms?"

2020:5 Karlsson, Sune; Mazur, Stepan "Flexible Fat-tailed Vector Autoregression"

2020:6 Karlsson, Niklas; Lunander, Anders "Choosing Opponents in Skiing Sprint Elimination Tournaments"

2020:7 Lodefalk, Magnus; Sjöholm, Fredrik; Tang, Aili "International Trade and Labor Market Integration of Immigrants"

2020:8 Alfelt, Gustav; Mazur, Stepan "On the mean and variance of the estimated tangency portfolio weights for small samples"

2020:9 Javed, Farrukh; Loperfido, Nicola; Mazur, Stepan "Edgeworth Expansions for Multivariate Random Sums"

2020:10 Karlsson, Sune; Mazur, Stepan; Muhinyuza, Stanislas "Statistical Inference for the Tangency Portfolio in High Dimension"

2020:11 Kladivko, Kamil; Österholm, Pär "Households Predict where the Macroeconomy is Headed?"

2020:12 Andrén, Daniela; Pettersson, Nicklas "Studying continuously during an university course – with experiences from the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19"

2020:13 Kiss, Tamás; Nguyen, Hoang; Österholm, Pär "Modelling Returns in US Housing Prices - You're the One for Me, Fat Tails"

2020:14 Andrén, Daniela "Valuing depression using the well-being valuation approach"

2020:15 Lodefalk, Magnus; W. Andersson, Fredrik "Business Angels and Firm Performance: First Evidence from Population Data"

2020:16 Kyvik Nordås, Hildegunn; Klügl, Franziska "Drivers of automation and consequences for jobs in engineering services: an agent-based modelling

2020:17 Andrén, Daniela; Kellgren, Jan; Kristoffersson, Eleonor "Designing and Negotiating Agreements in a Digitalized Era – a qualitative analysis"