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Professional Knowledge in Music Teacher Education

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Eva Georgii-Hemming


The complexity of the various forms of knowledge and practices that are encountered by teachers, university lecturers, teacher trainers, student teachers, policy makers and researchers, demands careful thought and reflection. Professional Knowledge in Music Teacher Education focuses on how knowledge is understood, what theories are held and the related assumptions that are made about teachers and learners, as well as how theory and practice can be understood, with useful and imaginative connections made between the two in music teacher education. In this project internationally renowned researchers address a number of fundamental questions concerning the current debates around knowledge, practice, professionalism, and learning and teaching in music as well as considering how all these elements are influenced by economic, cultural and social forces. The project problematize how research can inform pedagogical approaches in music teacher education; methods, courses and field experiences, and prepare teachers for diverse learners from a range of educational settings.

This international project will conclude with the publishing of the anthology Professional Knowledge in Music Teacher Education with Ashgate in February 2013.