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Annika Andersson

Tjänstetitel: Professor Organisation: Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet


Telefon: 019 303382

Rum: N4045

Annika Andersson

Om Annika Andersson

My research concerns changes to practices when information technology (IT) is introduced in organizational settings. I have done much research within eGovernment, IT & learning, Information- and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) and Information Security. I have worked in e-learning projects in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and also researched the one-laptop-per-child-initiative in Sweden. For many years I have also researched power aspects in relation to the process of information security standard making. At the moment my research projects include digital sustainability in schools and the digitalization of social work. I work empirically close to my units of studies and my preferred theories are Structuration theory, Discourse theory and Affordance theory. Within the field of ICT4D my main activities today relate to my missions on the Editorial Board of the top-ranking journal in the field - Information Technologies for Development.

My teaching spans from undergraduate level to doctoral level and mainly concerns thesis supervision, systems development and computer science.


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