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Ignacio Rangel

Befattning: Universitetslektor Organisation: Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper

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Ignacio Rangel

Om Ignacio Rangel

Microbial ecology in Health and Disease

The human body in general and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract in particular can be seen as complex ecological environments. They are ground for a wide and dynamic range of host-microbe interactions. I am a microbiologist with special interest on microbial ecology in human and natural environments. During the last years I have focused my research on the microbiota of the GI tract. An increasing number of investigations have demonstrated the importance of the gut microbiota in shaping physiological, metabolic, immunological and even neurological processes of the host. Likewise, diet, ageing or diseases have been associated with the increase or decrease, in some cases to almost levels of disappearance, in the abundance of some members of the microbiota. My research interest is focused on two main aspects:

1) understanding the mechanisms of commensal bacteria and traditional probiotics (such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG) as well as members of the so-called next-generation probiotics (as Akkermansia muciniphila and Fecalibacterium prausnitzii) behind their positive interactions with the host.

2) as well as deciphering the roles of the microbiota in a healthy gut, two gastrointestinal diseases are central in my research: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Both have high incidence rates in Northern Europe, United Kingdom and North America. My investigation covers the phylogenetic and functional profiling of the gut microbiota in these diseases. 

The aim is to determine which microorganisms are present in the GI tract of patients suffering these diseases, but above all to understand what are their functional roles and ways of interaction with the host both at local and at systemic level.

Research Funding Bodies

Lantmännen, Swedish agricultural cooperative
Knowledge Foundation
Örebro University


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