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Cardiovascular Research Centre (CVRC) - translational cardiovascular research

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Magnus Grenegård

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Cardiovascular Research Centre (CVRC) is a translational cardiovascular research group forming a network at Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital/Region Örebro County working with basic, translational and clinical research to identify new mechanisms, risk factors and new target principles for more effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and haematological diseases.

The overall strategy for CVRC is to support internal and external academic and industrial research collaboration and to contribute to a successful and high-quality third cycle education in the field of cardiovascular research. A main task of this larger research group is to support younger employees active in the cardiovascular and inflammatory research fields through cross-group activities such as journal clubs, research discussions and research meetings. Individual projects and connected research groups are also considered to have a particularly great benefit from these activities. Increased collaboration also promotes the emergence of completely new research projects with translational research design. The CVRC has been ranked as a strong research environment by external evaluators.

You may find more detailed information regarding the researchers and different research projects performed by the network by clicking at the tab “Researchers” and “Research projects” above.

Research funding bodies

  • AFA Insurance
  • The Knowledge Foundation
  • Lions Cancer Research Fund in Uppsala (Lions Cancerforskningsfond)
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Swedish Fund Nyckelfonden
  • Region Örebro County
  • Swedish Research Council
  • Örebro University