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Teaching English with Sentence Composition – Att undervisa i engelska med kreativ meningskonstruktion

Sentence composition is an approach to writing instruction that aims to help developing writers assemble words and phrases in effective sentences. It offers writing and reading practice through exercise work and creative writing tasks and activities. This project explores the potential of sentence composition for teaching and learning English in secondary school. Research questions include the following: (1) What is sentence composition and how does it pertain to the educational goals of English instruction in secondary school? (2) How does sentence composition support language learning and writing development? (3) Is sentence composition a viable alternative to current practices for teaching grammar in the context writing instruction? (4) If so, how can sentence composition be established in practice and sustained in schools? Research questions 3 and 4 require close-to-practice problem solving; they are explored in collaboration with English teachers.

The research o rientation of this project is educational design research, a form of close-to-practice research that aims to produce usable knowledge (both theoretical and practical) for teachers and teacher educators. The aim is to develop theoretical insight while simultaneously developing practical solutions to pedagogical problems that can emerge in the classroom. Collaboratively developed solutions are tested in iterative classroom interventions, which teachers conduct and refine. 

Currently, teachers from Västra Engelsbrektsskolan are collaborating in this project.


Ansvarig forskare: Claire Hogarth

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